Medical Detox in Reading, PA

When you ask for help to get sober and remove drugs or alcohol from your life, your process may begin at a medical detox in Reading. It is dangerous to withdraw from drugs or alcohol if you are home by yourself, and a medical detox treatment center will ensure that you stay safe while you detox. Your symptoms will be monitored closely, and you will be given prescription medications to control your symptoms whenever necessary. When symptoms begin at home, you are at risk for a relapse because you will want to use again in order to stop the symptoms. At a facility for medical detox for addiction, you will get the attention you need to get drugs or alcohol out of your system safely.

The Basics of Medical Detox in Reading

As you begin your medical detox for addiction, it's important to remember that you are being closely monitored to address any dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Be clear with your treatment providers regarding how you are feeling, and don't be afraid to report any symptoms that don't feel right to you. If you are trying to stop drinking alcohol, your symptoms can get severe quickly. While you may start with some sweating or anxiety, your symptoms can quickly escalate. A medical detox treatment center is necessary when you are withdrawing from alcohol because of the inherent risks associated with alcohol withdrawal in Carlisle.

Withdrawal Symptoms During Medical Detox in Reading

Withdrawal symptoms seen at a medical detox treatment center tend to have a specific pattern depending on what the individual was addicted to. While no two people are exactly alike, certain drugs or alcohol produce typical symptoms during the withdrawal period. The intensity of the symptoms can vary greatly from individual to individual, as there are a number of factors that will affect the severity of symptoms.

How long you were addicted to the substance, the substance you were addicted to, and how much you were using on a daily basis will all have an impact on the severity of your symptoms.

One of the most difficult substances to effectively withdraw from is alcohol. At a center for medical detox for addiction, symptoms of drug withdrawal in Reading can get dangerous very quickly. Symptoms may start out as anxiety, slight shaking, depression, or hot and cold sweats. Those same symptoms can take a turn for the worse, turning into delirium tremens, seizures, coma and even death. Medically-assisted detox is essential for your safe withdrawal from alcohol.

If you are struggling with opiate abuse, your withdrawal symptoms may be less bothersome than alcohol. You may begin to experience problems with stomach pain, nausea or vomiting. In addition, you may also begin to feel more depressed or anxious as your body withdraws from the medication or illegal opiate. Relapse is common in the early stages of withdrawal because using the substance will get rid of uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Why Medical Detox in Reading is Needed Instead of Detox at Home

People who try to come off of drugs or alcohol on their own while at home have a very high rate of relapse. Once withdrawal symptoms start, it almost becomes unbearable to deal with the symptoms. In order to stop the pain and suffering, the individual begins using again.

For those addicted to alcohol, medical detox for addiction is necessary to prevent serious consequences to the body. While some symptoms may only be bothersome, such as irritability and sweating, others can be life threatening. At a medical detox treatment center, individuals are carefully monitored to ensure that the withdrawal process is controlled. Medication is used to keep dangerous symptoms under control.

Many people struggle with going into a detox program for their addiction because they are ashamed at their behavior. Getting help for an addiction takes courage. While you may not realize it, your friends and family may already know about your addiction and your need for help. When you are beginning to lose control of your life because of your addiction, it's time to take the control back.

You should enter a medical detox center when you are ready to make a positive change in your life. When you know you are addicted to a substance and you want to remove it from your system, the safest way is through a medical detox. Trying to detox at home is not giving yourself the support you will need during a very difficult time. Call now for help at (610) 898-3600.

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