Drug Withdrawal in Reading, PA

When you need to go through drug withdrawal in Reading, it's time to get treatment for drug withdrawal. If you are trying to get drugs or alcohol out of your body, going through the withdrawal process at home is dangerous. You need support and guidance if you are trying to get off of substances, and one of the drug withdrawal treatment programs in the area is a great choice. When you are ready to live a life free from substances, the first step is to go through the withdrawal process with the help of a professional facility.

Getting to Know Drug Withdrawal in Reading

Understanding drug withdrawal in Reading is a pretty basic concept. Withdrawal is the time period between using drugs and when the drugs or alcohol are completely out of your system. While the withdrawal process is a bit different for everyone, treatment for drug withdrawal is generally standard. Depending on the substance you are addicted to, your treatment team will monitor you for certain side effects. Drug withdrawal treatment programs know how to handle withdrawal symptoms and will monitor you closely. Treatment may consist of prescription medication to ease your symptoms and keep you physically safe during the process.

The Causes of Alcohol and Drug Withdrawal in Reading

When you stop using a substance that you are addicted to, withdrawal symptoms will set in.

Drug withdrawal treatment programs monitor patients closely to determine if their symptoms are out of control. Symptoms from withdrawal will vary from person to person. The severity of the symptoms will depend on the substance, how long it was being abused, and how much of the substance you were using on a regular basis. When you start the withdrawal process, your body is so used to the substance that it begins craving it.

The Length of Alcohol or Drug Withdrawal in Reading

How long you will stay in one of the drug withdrawal treatment programs in the area will be based on a number of factors. The severity of your symptoms from the start will make a difference, as well as the type of drugs you were addicted to from the start.

Withdrawing from opiates such as Codeine, Oxycontin, Vicodin and Heroin can cause you to have symptoms from withdrawal for up to a month. Symptoms can subside after a week. You may feel very irritable, anxious, tired or struggle with feeling nauseous. Vomiting can also occur, as well as pain in your muscles and hot and cold sweats.

Alcohol withdrawal in Reading is actually one of the more serious withdrawals for you to go through. Treatment for drug withdrawal is necessary to detox from alcohol because it is very unsafe to try it on your own. You can suffer physically if you try to quit alcohol at home. Symptoms get dangerous very quickly, and you can end up suffering from a seizure and dying from serious alcohol withdrawal.

If you are withdrawing from cocaine, you might begin to feel symptoms within two hours of your last use. You might feel tired, have trouble concentrating and feel an overwhelming sense of doom. While symptoms are not usually life threatening, it can take symptoms up to ten days to go away. This often leads to a relapse because people struggle to deal with the side effects of withdrawal while at home.

How to Know if You Are Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol

When you are prescribed prescription pain medications, this can lead to a more serious drug addiction. If you start to take the pain medication more often than prescribed, you could be addicted. If your is no longer controlled by the medication, you may be developing a tolerance. If you start to use the medication in any way that is not intended, you probably have a problem with drug addiction.

If you start to relieve your symptoms through the use of illegal drugs, you are probably addicted to the substance. When you take drugs like cocaine or heroin to help ease your pain and distress, you have a drug addiction problem. If you believe your spouse is abusing substances, it is possible that you will notice changes in behavior, or a loss of finances.

Treatment Options for Drug Withdrawal

When you are ready to withdraw from drugs, it's time to find yourself a supervised rehabilitation facility in order to get sober. You will want to stay physically safe during the process, and medical detox in Reading is generally the best treatment. If you have already stopped using the substance for a few days and you have minimal side effects, it may be safe to withdraw the rest of the time on your own. If you are withdrawing from alcohol, always seek medical treatment for your own safety. Call now for help at (610) 898-3600.


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