Inpatient Drug Rehab in Reading, PA

Inpatient drug rehab in Reading is a necessary step in a strong recovery program. When you decide to begin a recovery program for your addiction, inpatient drug rehab is part of the process. While you will go through an assessment and a period of medical detox in Reading, inpatient rehab for addiction centers start giving you the resources you will need to live a sober life back out in the community. A typical day will consist of attending groups with other members, meeting with a therapist, and participating in program activities. You will be able to focus on your recover during inpatient treatment, which is essential at the beginning of your sobriety.

The Basic Elements of Inpatient Drug Rehab in Reading

Inpatient rehab for addiction treatment in Reading involves residential care 24 hours a day. You will be expected to attend all necessary groups, work with a therapist, and engage with other people working on their own sobriety. Groups will focus on ways to maintain sobriety, education on the effects of addiction, and relapse prevention techniques. You will be able to learn a lot of information at an inpatient drug rehab if you pay close attention.

As an individual who has recently withdrawn from the substance you were addicted to, inpatient drug rehab in Reading can feel overwhelming. Remember that each day is part of your journey, and you do not have to master every skill you hear about immediately. When you have questions in inpatient drug rehab, ask your questions. You have to remember that this is your treatment, and the more you understand about sobriety and relapse prevention when you leave the program, the stronger your sobriety will be.

The Length of Inpatient Drug Rehab in Reading

There is no typical length of an inpatient rehab for addiction as every person's needs are different. In a very broad range, inpatient drug rehab usually lasts a minimum of 28 days and can go on 90-120 days, or even more. You will meet with a therapist to determine what length of treatment is right for you.

The Benefits of Attending Inpatient Drug Rehab in Reading

There are many benefits to attending inpatient rehab to treat your addiction. While you may be able to physically remove drugs from your system in detox, rehab will teach you better coping skills to detach emotionally from drugs and alcohol. You will learn what your triggers are, how to better manage your stress, and ways to reach out for help if you find yourself wanting to use again.

In drug rehab, you will learn about 12-step groups and be encouraged to attend meetings when you return to the community. You will meet peers who are going through the same process you are. You will hear stories of other addicts who are working on their own struggles with recovery. When you stay committed to your sobriety, you will begin to realize that the tools you learn about in rehab are the building blocks for success as a sober person.

Why You Should Enter a Drug Rehabilitation Facility

When you have tried to return home after a detox and you've been unsuccessful, you need more structured treatment. A drug rehab facility offers you the care and support you need in your early stages of recovery. While you may be anxious to return home, those that take the time to work on their sobriety in rehab have a better chance of overall recovery. Most people avoid going to rehab because they don't want others to know what they are dealing with. A quick trip to detox can be covered up by saying you are on vacation, while a trip for a month to rehab is harder to conceal. While you may be afraid of losing your job or the respect of your coworkers and friends, it is more important to reach out and get the help you need.

When you commit to a drug rehabilitation program you will be able to live a healthier life off of substances. While you will need to work on relapse prevention techniques throughout your life, these techniques will get easier for you over time. When you stay focused on relapse prevention, you will have a better chance at living a healthy life as a sober person. If you ignore the skills you are taught in rehab, you are more likely to relapse quickly. Call now for help (610) 898-3600.

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